Join us on PLANET HOPE

The Earth is dying, there is only one Hope.

Humanity is on the brink of nuclear war, an energy crisis, and environmental catastrophy. Be prepared for the coming apocalypse by moving to humanity's second home, Planet Hope. There is a limited amount of space, so book your tickets early!

Planet Hope

About Planet Hope

Planet Hope is a desolate planet in the Alpha Centauri binary star system. The surface is composed of 80% water and 12% sulfuric acid. It is orbited by 4 moons—Amun, Inferno, Artemis, and Bob. There is no known native life on the planet.


In 1968, astronomer H. Thunderton Smit I discovered Planet Hope accidentally while surveying the star system. Being a notorious drunk, Dr. Smit was viewing a low resolution photograph of the system when he noticed a small black dot blocking the light from Alpha Centauri B which was magnified by the botton of his glass of vodka. Smit made note of the discovery but it wasn't until 30 years later that it was realized this planet was fit for human inhabitance.

Terraforming Hope

In the early 2000s, a mission to terraform Planet Hope was signed into action by then President George W. Bush. When it was realized the planet contained no oil, the planet was sold for pennys to a private institute called The Charleston Montgomery Institute of Science. It is thanks to this institute that we have the Last Hope Campaign to ensure the survival of the human race by populating Planet Hope.


Planet Hope is controlled by an administrative territorial entity called the Montgomery diocese. All citizens are under the direct rule of the Montgomery Patriach in a episcopal polity style hierarchical form of governance. Citzens of Hope have the freedom to work as slaves for 20 years, and then will have the honors of joining the lower working class which enables them to work their way up the ranks, giving everyone equal opportunity at success!