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WDV221 Intro Javascript

Introduction to the concepts of the Javascript programming language and its related logic structures within an Internet browser. Will discuss the concepts of Dynamic HTML, which is the interaction of Javascript, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), HTML and the Document Object Model. Students will create dynamic forms, change content, and perform client-side, user-driven activities within a web page application.



Unit 1

Javascript Introduction

Unit 2

Variables & Data Types

Unit 3


String Functions

Unit 4

Parameters & Returns

Unit 5

Event Handlers

Unit 6

Operators and Textfields

Random Number Generator

Unit 7

Compare Names

Compare Numbers

Unit 8


Unit 9

Sales Tax Lookup

Product Inventory Update

Unit 10

Style Objects


Dice Game - Part 1

Dice Game - Part 2

Dice Game - Part 3

Dice Game - Part 4

Dice Game - Part 5

Dice Game - Final


Greeting Function

Lookup & Accumulate Arrays

Loops & Arrays

High-Low Game